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Welcome to Cerroneth, a campaign of SOLAR. Cerroneth is a separate campaign from the popular Atlanta campaign, Clanthia, and our events are held monthly in southern Mississippi.


Live action games totally immerse you in the game far better than your average table-top game or MMORPG. Here you get the opportunity to garb yourself with fantastic period costuming (and sometimes makeup and prosthetics), pick up your trusty sword (a boffer weapon) and join the battle between hero and villain in combat! For magic lovers, create a mage and join the fray casting powerful sorcery.


We are a medieval fantasy LARP with many flavors and eras of culture blended in, there are even some elements of steampunk if you know where to find them. Consult the Campaign area of this site to find out more!


Join the Battle. Immerse Yourself.

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