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October 1639

A lot has happened in recent months, and it has kept our heroes busy. The OUTSIDE had grown substantially and was to the point of threatening the fabric of reality as we know it, let alone the festival games. But the heroes respond well under pressure, they gathered information and all the pieces of broken tablet and were prepared to seal the outside from their world forever. The King was now fully recovered and could not stand idly by while the very existence of his people was threatened. They were able to push back and seal the outside, certainly not an easy task, but no portals or rifts have been seen since. The heroes were able to celebrate with the festival games and dinner banquet. A peace that had not been felt in years swept across everyone from common to noble, old to young.

The King also discussed the baronies, he appointed stewards of each barony, some were already in place. And explained how he wanted the baronial council to operate to handle things at that level. Only bringing things to the Duke/Duchess if they cannot handle or themselves. This is all part of the restructure to make the kingdom stronger so that no foreign invader should take over again.

In addition, an envoy from the Voss came with a small contingent to attempt to develop relations with Cerroneth. A mock battle was held to encourage good will and test honor. Hopefully there is a strong future between the two people.

But the threat of all hallows loomed over Cerroneth, and no one knew how it would go. They prepared as best they could for the unexpected. The Queen issued a warning with some helpful suggestions and the King dispatched troops all around to help protect the citizens that could not protect themselves.

At the beginning of the gather, a powerful necromancer beat the heroes to the final acorn and immediately began surging with corrupted magic. He raised powerful undead to cause havoc and allow him time to go forth with his plan.


The next night he showed up in the graveyard and fused the tainted acorn to the skeleton of a wyvern. The ritual began and was self-sustaining while he fought the heroes trying to keep them from thwarting his plans. It was exceedingly close, but he had caused enough confusion to allow his ritual to succeed. The acorn sprouted and fused with the wyvern skeleton, rising up into a 15-foot-tall undead tainted treant with one glowing purple eye and one glowing green eye. After a short chase the necromancer disappeared with his new abomination into the woods.

The heroes licked their wounded pride from failing but were not kept down. They reorganized and did not give the necromancer a chance to rest. They attacked him while he was trying to create a necromantic grove. It was a hard-fought battle, but in the end they were able to return the acorn to its natural state and get it back to nature's guardians.


A long road lies ahead for the heroes. They still have much rebuilding to accomplish in the aftermath of so many threats. But they are vigilant and determined. Time will tell what trials await them. 

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