Pay for your upcoming event!

Be sure to add the player's real name to the comments.

Partial event options are also available.

Don't forget that you can now add a Loot Kit for only $10!"



Season Pass

2021 has 12 events and you save money by pre-paying for them!

The 2021 season pass will get you:

  • Blanket each month

  • 12 Build from EP Cap up front

  • Option to EP and gob cap

  • Production

  • Guaranteed bed for 12 events

BONUS: 300 Gob ($75 value)



LARP Crate

Purchase your 2021 LARP Crate subscription.


Your subscription includes four quarterly deliveries that contain a variety of items unique to each shipment. Costume accessories, vendor discounts, IP lore and history cards, Barcamp items, and even random formal components/vessels.


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Online Store

In our store you can purchase a wide variety of items and loot packages available. Needing that extra bit of alchemy or poison? We offer a small package for $10 with a variety of alchemy or poisons (Packets not included). Need a little extra gob? Make a donation and receive 4 Gob per $1 donated. We also offer the option to back pay for missed events for up to twenty four events (two years).