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Pay for your upcoming event!

Be sure to add the player's real name to the comments.

Partial event options are also available.

Don't forget that you can now add a Loot Kit for only $10!"



Season Pass

2021 has 12 events and you save money by pre-paying for them!

The 2021 season pass will get you:

  • Blanket each month

  • 12 Build from EP Cap up front

  • Option to EP and gob cap

  • Production

  • Guaranteed bed for 12 events

BONUS: 300 Gob ($75 value)



LARP Crate

Purchase your 2021 LARP Crate subscription.


Your subscription includes four quarterly deliveries that contain a variety of items unique to each shipment. Costume accessories, vendor discounts, IP lore and history cards, Barcamp items, and even random formal components/vessels.


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Online Store

In our store you can purchase a wide variety of items and loot packages available. Needing that extra bit of alchemy or poison? We offer a small package for $10 with a variety of alchemy or poisons (Packets not included). Need a little extra gob? Make a donation and receive 4 Gob per $1 donated. We also offer the option to back pay for missed events for up to twenty four events (two years).


We are affiliated with Calimacil. Please note not all weapons and gear is suitable for Cerroneth. Do not order any weapons, shield, or other items that have latex coatings. Look at the item description before ordering. If you have questions feel free to email to see if an item is usable in our LARP.

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