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Player's with Gob points are permitted to spend Gob on certain, common inplay items within the Cerroneth campaign only.

Please note: the Gob Store is not the Merchant, nor is it intended to replace or supplement the Merchant. All transactions are consideredOOP

You can make Gob Store purchases with MyLARP or email Tags your order and pay at the Event with a Gob Card. Remember the deadline is the Friday prior to the Event!

*If a spell may not be made into a one shot then it may not be purchased as a one shot.  Spells unavailable to be created as one shots:  [E] Decay, Elude Undead, Mistform, Preserve, Proscribe Creature.


Additional Build Points: See the Build Point chart in the rulebook for the equivalent Gob cost and maximum amount of build available at your level.


Additional Lives: You may only buy 3 lives per event for the character you are playing that event.

1st life - 15 Gob

2nd life - 30 Gob

3rd life - 60 Gob

4th life and higher - 90 Gob.


Gambles: 35 gob buys a chance to win items from monster pulls;  105 gob for a chance to win better quality items from the group pulls.


Gob Respends:  500 gob for the first respend. 1000 gob for the second  max of two per year, subject to Monastery rules.


Gold:  1 gob per 4 silver. (no per event max)

Labs: x2 production lab for 90 gob. Phys-rep must be approved by tag to use. 


Production Modifiers: Production Modifiers will add the modifying amount to an existing lab, this will allow you to go beyond the maximum production amount. Only one modifier may be purchased per event. 

15 Gob for a +5 production Modifier
30 Gob for a +10 Production Modifier

Vessels: gold and lower. max of 1 per event.


**must specify Type of Gemstone Plank: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Amethyst, Rose Quartz

Formal scrolls:  Max of 1 scroll per side total, minus starter package.  Max of one extend component , max 100 pumice and Quartz, max 20 for Blooms and Phoenix Feathers , all other components max 5.


Formal Starter Package:  Assorted scroll package 400 gob. may only be purchased once per calendar year per character total. One set of components with each scroll.


Create Formal Area, Invest /Divest , Disrupt Enchantment, Enchant Item, Extend and a Random construct from the chart below

Random Construct  D100 Chart


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