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Recent History

November 1638??

After a long and epic battle between the monstrous Tyrant and the giant leviathan (who put them on the island in the first place), the heroes were able to return home!

However, something went wrong. The heroes arrive 21 years ahead of where they expected. They find that a heavily nature influenced Carpathian occupation has been in effect for 15 years. Humans are treated as superior to all other races. Laws and taxes are imposed on the heroes.

How will the heroes adapt to Magna Imperium?
Will they take to the Carpathian ways or will they revolt and overthrow the empire?
What has changed in the time they have been gone?
Where are old allies and will they make new ones?


January 1639

It has been roughly 2 months since the heroes managed to escape the island! They arrived in old Coper's Vale, now called Lauri, and realized that it was not the same Cerroneth they had left behind. They learned that 22 years had passed since they disappeared, and Carpathian occupation had been in effect for years! How will they adjust to Magna Imperium? They have many questions...
Who is this Grand Druid?
Where did he get his power?
What does this "tree" they keep hearing about have to do with it all?
What happened to the king?
How will the people react to the return of the heroes?
Is there a resistance? 
The heroes certainly have their work cut out for them!

January 1639

Our heroes were extremely busy this gather! They tried to blend in and play along, but when the elite squad of undead/necro hunters came out looking for trouble, the heroes decided it was time to make themselves known! They headed south and took over the resort island, killing just under 200 Carpathians in the process! Not a bad start if you ask me. They cheered as the Cerronethian flag once again flew upon their lands!

The Mad Druid did not take kindly to this. After hearing about his resort island being take by force he earned his name. He sent bodies down river into the lake for the heroes to find. Each body was draped in tattered colors of old Cerroneth. The Mad Druid did unspeakable and unforgivable things to taunt the heroes.

Well the heroes somehow discovered the location of one of the druids trees and decided to utterly destroy it! They went in force and met this Grand Druid and saw just how mad he was. After a long fight they destroyed his tree and him... or did they?


February 1639

It has been roughly a month since the heroes have taken up a defensive position at Sandalium Magna Imperium. Each preparing in their own way. Some searching for aid everywhere they are able. Some searching for information and knowledge. Some searching for long lost loved ones. Some just relaxing and awaiting the coming storm. Regardless, tensions are growing, everyone can feel something on the horizon. Everyone is awaiting what comes next!

They defeated the mad druid and destroyed one of his trees. Yet there are few who believe that they have seen the last of him.

The resistance has been in shambles since the mad druid's savagery. They have been laying low with no organization. Rumors fly about who is responsible for their loss. Did the mad druid intercept messages and set them up? Was he tracking them the whole time? Was it just bad luck? Or was it poor decisions? None of them are sure, but they are being extremely cautious.

Carpathian troops are on the move! But to where? Some hear about them going home, but under whose orders? Others hear about mobilizing for battle? It is hard to separate the truth in these trying times.

One thing is for certain ... THERE WILL BE BLOOD!!!


February 1639

The forest around the island seems to be busy. You hear no shortage of animals and every now and then, a mad cackling along with incantations. There is a tension in the air that you can't quite describe...


February 1639


The heroes certainly had their hands full this gather! They dealt with the Mad Druid's unnatural "blood moon" and discovered his love for puzzles. They rescued some of their freedom fighters from an army of Carpathian skin changers. They severed the connection to 3 more trees, including one they affectionately named "The Treenager" due to his youthful demeanor. It is a wonder they had any time to relax and get to know the fairies that seem to be flying about! They are on a mission and have set the Grand Druid in their sights. But what surprises does he have for the heroes of old? What challenges await them in the Mad King's inner sanctum?


March 1639


I had heard rumor of these heroes of old ... but I thought their legends to be exaggerated. Nothing could be further from the truth, if anything they exceed their stories. In such a short time they have put my brother on the defensive, they may be able to put a stop to his reign... but nothing is more dangerous than a wounded animal ... they have him cornered ... but they have a hard and long battle in front of them ... I'll do what I can to assist them, I just hope it is enough ...

Journal entry from 
General Antonius Laurentus Secundus


March 1639

After a year of being trapped on an uncharted island, the heroes were excited to return home. Home to their lands, their homes, their people... only to find that it was not the home they left! They had jumped forward 21 years and landed in Magna Imperium!! This Carpathian occupied Cerroneth was hardly what they expected... but they did not waste time deciding to take it back! They did their recon, they fought hard, they made more headway in 3 months than anyone could have thought possible! All that remains is the Mad Druid in his towering tree! They have gathered allies from everywhere they could ... sea elves from the deep, dwarves, pirates, spies, loyalists ... They have a battle plan and all that is left is to execute!

Marines and spies covertly make their way to position within enemy ranks. Elite squads of sea elves strike from the sewers. Trinity leads dwarves from Haldres to attack the capital. Serafina leads Ethulian freedom fighters against the corrupt nature of the Carpathian soldiers. Oliver leads a cavalry charge straight to the main gate. Kalinda rides a big red dragon over the top as the cavalry charge and he lets lose a fire ball that shatters the gate into splinters! The siege has begun!!!

But this is merely the distraction, so that later the heroes will have an opening to brave the towering tree and what horrors lie within!


March 1639


The heroes brought it hard to the druid Friday night of the gather! They attacked him in his stronghold and laid waste to his corpse, obliterating his very soul!

But it was not an easy battle and it was not over quickly... as they ascended to the top of his towering tree, they faced a plethora of foes. But they came out victorious!

What better way to celebrate than with a feast! The sea elf king was in attendance, the fairies crashed and had a fairy food fight, people told stories, there was dancing ... it was a feast to be remembered!

Then some unexpected visitors showed up! The planes, which each helped the heroes in their defeat of the mad druid, showed up demanding representatives. Keegan explained that this was to help stabilize the planar imbalance that the heroes return has caused.

Chaos enjoyed playing with the heroes, so it showed back up Sunday to play with them some more!

And finally, King Rhett awoke and wanted to speak with his heroes. He offered them gratitude and praise for their accomplishments. The King stated that they are in a state of rebuilding, much needs to be done after expelling a foreign invader. He made it clear that he wants his heroes help to forge the future of Cerroneth. So, he opened the castle to all heroes that want their voices heard as to how to build a stronger and better kingdom.

The coming months should be interesting....


April 1639



The heroes vanquished their foe and took back their home! Feast was had and well earned! But much is left to be done. They have a long road ahead of rebuilding and who knows what awaits them around the corner. The King is still recovering and has charged his heroes with helping him rebuild their country. They will shape the future with their decisions. Time for them to get to work!


April 1639

So much happened at this gathering of heroes! Did you hear?

These portals opened up everywhere and these ... creatures ... were coming from them and everywhere ... none of it made any sense. No one seems to know anything about them. I wonder what they want.

And the warlord blamed the heroes for all of it, just like he blamed them for the Carpathians and everything else. But the heroes made quick work of him, they put him down as well as his rebellion.

The heroes also cleared out some more of the Carpathian loyalists. Sundir took back their capital and Anasty took back her fortress. Even the new heroes reclaimed a mine that was overrun.

The King is also busy! He's listening to anyone who wants to talk to him, or at least his court is. It seems he is still processing everything that has happened. And it really seems like he wants to build Cerroneth back stronger and better, so he is listening to suggestions. He also sent the prince to the Deep kingdom to work on diplomacy.

Interesting times ahead ...


May 1639

There is a lot happening in Cerroneth right now. The King is busy with rebuilding. He knows that defense is the priority, but also that the political structure must be efficient to maintain a chain of command.


July 1639

What a gather! Even with Mercury and the fairies playing with water, Malcoar still brought the heat! Only 3 circles remain for the planar representatives, hopefully balancing the planes will help stabilize the weird portals. The heroes also learned a bit about the portals from a creature they freed from a mystical and magical prison. It told them that they needed to gather the tablet pieces. So many questions arise ... who are these creatures? is the tablet the same stones that the mad druid was obsessing over? What will happen if they do find the stone tablet? ... many questions are left unanswered, but at least the heroes have a lead to follow. They also successfully destroyed one of the remaining Carpathian units loyal to the mad druid and retrieved an Ent acorn and what they think is a piece of the stone tablet. Hopefully this will bring them closer to balancing nature.


The planes and their chosen representatives also have their hands full. Order seems to have been satisfied when heroes stepped up to attune themselves to the plane. Keegan is hard at work helping the heroes achieve stability, I'm sure he has tasks for them!

The unknown portals are becoming more and more common with creatures that make no sense. No one seems to know what is going on, hopefully information will present itself.

There is talk of Carpathian loyalists attempting to continue the mad druid's work. This could have something to do with the apparent decline in nature.


July 1639

The summer sun scorches the training yard. The weighted training sword is heavy and difficult to wield. The new recruit is inexperienced and sloppy. But he has a resolve about him. He is determined ... determined to be anything but weak. The portals have been increasing in number, and the creatures increasing in hostility. They no longer seem to be observing, they are killing and taking and changing people. They have clearly brought a war ... and the recruit wants to be ready...


August 1639

While rebuilding the kingdom seems to be going well, there are many threats still looming. Nature has still not recovered from mad druid and his lot. But there are those that follow nature's path who are working to restore balance. The political structure is being restored, although there will always be individuals looking to sew discontent for one reason or another. But the most obvious threat is the outside ... these portals have greatly increased in frequency, number, and size. The creatures, ever more hostile and powerful. These Deva seem to stand with us, but can they be trusted? One can only hope that we are able to survive this. One thing I know ... we have hard times ahead ...


October 1639

A lot has happened in recent months, and it has kept our heroes busy. The OUTSIDE had grown substantially and was to the point of threatening the fabric of reality as we know it, let alone the festival games. But the heroes respond well under pressure, they gathered information and all the pieces of broken tablet and were prepared to seal the outside from their world forever. The King was now fully recovered and could not stand idly by while the very existence of his people was threatened. They were able to push back and seal the outside, certainly not an easy task, but no portals or rifts have been seen since. The heroes were able to celebrate with the festival games and dinner banquet. A peace that had not been felt in years swept across everyone from common to noble, old to young.

The King also discussed the baronies, he appointed stewards of each barony, some were already in place. And explained how he wanted the baronial council to operate to handle things at that level. Only bringing things to the Duke/Duchess if they cannot handle or themselves. This is all part of the restructure to make the kingdom stronger so that no foreign invader should take over again.

In addition, an envoy from the Voss came with a small contingent to attempt to develop relations with Cerroneth. A mock battle was held to encourage good will and test honor. Hopefully there is a strong future between the two people.

But the threat of all hallows loomed over Cerroneth, and no one knew how it would go. They prepared as best they could for the unexpected. The Queen issued a warning with some helpful suggestions and the King dispatched troops all around to help protect the citizens that could not protect themselves.

At the beginning of the gather, a powerful necromancer beat the heroes to the final acorn and immediately began surging with corrupted magic. He raised powerful undead to cause havoc and allow him time to go forth with his plan.

The next night he showed up in the graveyard and fused the tainted acorn to the skeleton of a wyvern. The ritual began and was self-sustaining while he fought the heroes trying to keep them from thwarting his plans. It was exceedingly close, but he had caused enough confusion to allow his ritual to succeed. The acorn sprouted and fused with the wyvern skeleton, rising up into a 15-foot-tall undead tainted treant with one glowing purple eye and one glowing green eye. After a short chase the necromancer disappeared with his new abomination into the woods.

The heroes licked their wounded pride from failing but were not kept down. They reorganized and did not give the necromancer a chance to rest. They attacked him while he was trying to create a necromantic grove. It was a hard-fought battle, but in the end they were able to return the acorn to its natural state and get it back to nature's guardians.

A long road lies ahead for the heroes. They still have much rebuilding to accomplish in the aftermath of so many threats. But they are vigilant and determined. Time will tell what trials await them. 

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