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Remember to type ?rank hero in posting-rules to view other channels

  • -The forums are NOT a message drop. If you have something you want to say to someone use e-mail or private messages.

  • The forum is NOT any staff member's answering machine. Messages that are solely "Did you get my e-mail?" or "Check your E-mail" will be deleted without explanation or notice.

  • Any complaints regarding SOLAR, CERRONETH.COM, and plot should be directed to the appropriate party, not posted. Players cannot solve your problem... only the staff can.

  • Use of any profanity should be extremely moderated. Any member of the forum moderator group can remove your post for any profanity that is found to be in poor taste.

  • Recurring violations of any of the System Policies will result in suspension of posting privileges, as per the following guidelines:

  • First Unacceptable Post - Deletion of Post, Written Warning -

  • Next Unacceptable Post within six (6) months of the first deletion of post, Suspension of Posting Privileges on Specific Boards for One Month 

  • Next Unacceptable Post within six (6) months of the second deletion of post, Suspension of all Posting Privileges for three Months.

  • Next Unacceptable Post within six (6) months of the third deletion of post, Suspension of all Posting Privileges for six Months.

  • Next Unacceptable Post within six (6) months of the forth deletion of Post, All Posting Privileges Revoked, ISP contacted for harassment.

  • Be polite.

  • Keep the language at a PG level for all public chats. Cerroneth is an all-ages game, and therefore, so is the group.

  • If it involves IP issues, take it to the In Play chats. This is not the right venue. This includes criticizing a particular character's actions.

  • No personal attacks.

  • If you have a problem with a group member, send a personal message to the mod(s). No drama on the group will be tolerated.

  • Arguments will happen. Keep it civil, and if you simply can't agree, then agree to disagree and leave it at that. Be sure to stay on topic on staff posts or posts requesting official information.

  • Posts that do not meet the guidelines will be deleted and the offender entered into the disciplinary ladder.

  • Please try to utilize proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Neglecting to do so makes the message unclear and hard to read, and your post will most likely be ignored.


  • You can post whatever you like as long as it is appropriate to be viewed by all ages or in a professional setting. If it needs a "NSFW" tag, it shouldn't be posted here.

  • These rules and posting guidelines are subject to change at any given time. Keep yourself up to date.

  • Posts and comments may be subject to deletion at the mods' discretion.

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