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The Baronial Campaign (BarCamp) is a system that represents and quantifies the campaign world and items that are not present at Gathers (events). The BarCamp is the way we account for and use things such as military troops, farms, ships, and anything else your character has that is not physically represented at a Gather.


The Baronial Campaign gives Plot better access to controlling the world- and creating problems for the heroes of it to look in to. What if there were a drought in Tymor? How would that affect their population, or the country’s economy? If the country were being invaded, plot would be able to state exactly where- and the players could respond appropriately, moving documented troops to respond, whether it be the vast navy of the Shining South, or waves of horsemen from northern Cerroneth…


Baronies, guilds, and other groups commonly participate together, but there is no need for a group. You can build resource-producing mechanisms such as a Lumber Mill, a Farm, a Stone Quarry, Mines, Towers, Lighthouses and several other things. You can also purchase revenue-producing properties such as Merchant Ships and Trade Caravans.

Movement has increased for each type of creature and units!!!

Standard Methods of Travel on Land: 
On Foot: 13 Hexes per Turn 
On Horseback: 20 Hexes per Turn

Standard Methods of Travel on Water: 
Level 1 Scout Ship: 40 hexes per turn 
Level 1 Merchant Ship: 30 hexes per turn 
Level 1 War Ship: 20 hexes per turn

If you have an uncommon transport type not listed, email for rates.

Reminder:: If you miss 2 events you have to pay for a FULL event before you get Bar Camp Turns again!!!

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