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Getting Started

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For information regarding Restrictions on underage players, please email Management from the Contact page.

There are varying restrictions for players under 18, and no admittance for individuals under 14.

The first thing to do is to download the rulebook that's linked on this page. You will want to get familiar with Chapter 3, it covers the basics of races and classes. Skill costs are listed in a chart at the beginning of Chapter 6, followed by skill descriptions.


You will start with 35 build (plus any build from Goblin Points that you earn).

To build your character you will need to make an account on . Any questions you have about MyLarp or building a character, please Contact Logistics via email with the link provided. You are also free to create your character at check-in on site if you like.

Note: You can make changes to your character after each of your first three events. See NPS for details.


Next, take the time to read carefully over the New Player Summary  (NPS) also linked on this page. It covers several topics and most of our frequently asked questions.


Costuming can be acquired many different ways. Most new players simply find a long white dress shirt at a discount store, cut away the collar (not the neck band), and pair that with some plain khaki pants for their first two events or so. We have linked a Tabbard tutorial that you may also find very useful.


The first chapter of the rulebook goes over conduct and what you will need to bring for the weekend. Take a look at that before you get to site. Armor and Weapon Guidelines begin on page 306, but you can borrow a weapon from the Game for your first three events if needed. We have a Weaponcrafting Tutorial Linked if you choose to make your own.

For each of your first two events you will need to attend a New Player Safety Course after Opening Ceremonies. During those courses you will learn a great deal about the mechanics of the game.

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See you at the event!

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