November 2021 Recap Post

The Heroes once again felt the call of the Gather and made their way to Coopersvale. Coming from all corners of Cerroneth, many from towns and villages where Werewolves slaughtered hundreds just a month before. The weather proved to be a relief as it took a cooler turn.

Saturday night, the town was peppered with Fey aligned with the Summer Court. It seems that the Fairy World of Eryn has been made accessible, and travel between there and Cerroneth available for those crafty or determined enough to do so. This does not sit well with many Fey, and in particular the vassals of King Oberon. They came to Coopersvale demanding retribution and giving violence for any Heroes in their way.

The young Heroes once again came to the aid of Stonespud. Bandits nearby have been making life hard for the citizens of this growing village. The Heroes succeeded in capturing some of their number before putting them to the question and turning them over to the village leaders.

Saturday morning, the Heroes were visited by Royal guests. Queen Parissa VonCrimson, along with Shogun Ito no Hiro and the Kreishadotter addressed the town. Queen Parissa VonCrimson announced that she has taken both Shogun Ito no Hiro AND the Kreishadotter as her consorts. They were given titles of High Lady Kreishadotter, and High Lord Ito no Hiro. She also announced she would not be accepting any further courtships.

There are many positions of leadership open throughout the Kingdom and in many Baronies. The Queen called upon all Heroes to step up and help fill those gaps. Nobility in Cerroneth has long been a reward for service, dedication, and creative thinking.

The Auction, postponed from the cancelled Festival proceeded without a hitch, and many curios and special items found their homes in the well-paying hands of Heroes. But there was more drama to be found in town. A large Dreamjay appeared and began attacking the Heroes. A large dragon hovered in the air, consuming its own tail, and it proved impervious to many of the Heroes attacks. The Everwyrm - Dreamjay of Vel’Yadin itself taught the Heroes the hard way exactly how hard it is to fight one of its kind. The warning was clear - the Heroes would be soon facing a powerful Dreamjay - one that would not be so agreeable as the ones they have grown to know this year.

Saturday night, Coopersvale faced attacks from strange Dream Bubbles that used sleep as both their weapon and defense of choice. They also drove back an attack from the strange ant-like creatures that have been growing more powerful and more like those they consume. The Queen herself directed her children at the Heroes before she too changed into a more powerful form. The Heroes efficiently ended her threat, and perhaps the future threat of any more of these ant-like creatures.

Sunday morning, Lord Protector Roak gathered the Heroes of Cerroneth with a call to battle. A trap had been laid nearby for the powerful Dreamjay that had been intruding on Cerroneth lands. Armed with the Legacy Weapons of the Baronies, and detailed battle plans, the Heroes sprang the trap on the giant form of the Lady Dreamjay. Lord Protector Roak disappeared as the trap was sprung. The powers he was using in the battle were strange, and his disappearance even stranger.

Connected to the very land surrounding Cerroneth, she proved an incredibly hard opponent to pin down. The Heroes fought off wave after wave of smaller Dreamjays aligned with the Lady Dreamjay. As she focused her powers to corrupt the land of Cerroneth to her own control, the Heroes erected pylons powered by the Dreamjays of Cerroneth. Each one weakened the Lady Dreamjay until, in a massive blast of magical power, the enemy Dreamjay was struck a mighty blow, and she fled the battlefield, having been taught a bloody lesson by the Heroes.

Cerroneth was not hers for the taking.


The Dragons have not been seen since their flight in February. Will they ever return to Cerroneth?

The Aelumari have not returned from where they fled with the First Tree.

The Guardians, absent from the final battle against the enemy Dreamjay still have not been seen. Silas surely engrossed in his own machinations that are more important to whatever happened in Cerroneth. Andor, and the Nexus seem to have returned to their normal functions and travel to the various Planes is now said to be stable again.

The people of Nippon have found many homes in and around many different cities of Cerroneth. Land was given to the family of Koike at the SE tip of Morlond. Many settled in Saor, at the invitation of Lord Protector Roak. Others settled in Tymor, at the invitation of Baron Liam. High Lord Ito no Hiro is working with the kingdom of Cerroneth to scout out the new world. Nippon laid several months away by ship, and many are curious to see what has become of their land.

Claudius Ancho Adorius Caesar seems to have never left Vel’Yadin. Abandoning his people to their own fate, he basked in the luxury and security awarded to him as a guest of Queen Parissa. The majority of Carpathians end up moving into the Enclave. Jadis has secured ships and aid from the Kingdom to travel to Carpathia. Many Carpathians join him, wanting to see what has become of their land.

The Vos people that have traveled around Cerroneth as traders begin their march North as soon as the Reality Wave dropped. The Kreishadotter plans on traveling en masse to the Frost Lands and seeing what has become of their land.

As the Reality Wave dropped, the peoples of the Underdark began to search out their homes, or what remains of them. The ever-hungry penguin-like creatures that displaced them have moved on to other areas in the vast caverns of the Underdark. They have grown strong and fat on the Underdark creatures they consumed this past year.

At the invitation of Teryn of Haldras, the Three-Headed Deer and many of the newer magical animals seen in Cerroneth have found homes in the wilds of Haldras.

Lady Cerroneth is reported to have been destroyed in the events of the past year. Her loss will be mourned by all.

In a brave and selfless action, Lord Protector Roak has taken on the mantle that Lady Cerroneth left behind. He is now truly the protector of Cerroneth, and the wielders of the Legacy Weapons remain as extensions of that mantle. The well-being and protection of Cerroneth is truly in the Heroes hands. In a very literal way.

Princess Anpeck and Princess Unpeck of the Goblin Tribe have returned to the Goblin Shanty-Town on the Western shore of Nocte Terra. It is said that they traveled Cerroneth for the year having their own adventures and growing in their own wisdom and power.

Atoyac, a powerful Troll Kingdom at the southern tip of Nocte Terra has sent an ambassador to Cerroneth to speak of treaties and trade. Speaker Jabir of the Tlalli has been seen in Vel’Yadin.

The map of the New World that Cerroneth now rests among lies open and ready for exploration. Cerroneth and the portion of Terra Nocte that survived the Reality Wave sits a kilometer or more above the land of the New World. This has led to denizens of the New World to call that land “The Highlands” as it sits on a truly giant plateau.

What new adventures and secrets lay in this New World?

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