Polymorph Spell Playtest

In addition to the 2022 Plot team using the Corruption spells Plot is also using a new spell called Polymorph. The description below does include an update based on a on-site ruling and reviewed by Owner and Management after the April 2022 Event.


Level 8 CG

Type: Transformation Item: N

Duration: Line of Sight Scroll: N

Verbal: “I call upon eldritch forces to form your body into a <small/medium animal>”

The Polymorph spell turns the target into a small/medium size animal including but not limited to chicken, calf, donkey, pig, or squirrel. Upon transformation target drops any held items such as weapon, shield, alchemy, poisons, or scrolls. All other items meld with the target. While transformed target is unable to speak or fight. Target is able to run normally and fend off killing blows. Target is reduced to five (5) body points. Target will have the intellect and mentality of the animal they are turned into. Any innates and abilities the target has cannot be used while polymorphed. This includes any skills purchased through build, granted by attunements, or formal magics. Certain magic items such as Cloaks and Protection Auras will remain active while polymorphed but still follow all standard rules. Items that require activation by the user cannot be used while polymorphed.

This spell may be flashed by a Major Spell Shield (C,8) or Defend (E,8). This spell effect may be removed by a Disjunction (C,8) or by breaking line of sight.

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